Surf Club Keros Surrounding Area

The area surrounding Surf Camp Keros forms a quite unique landscape, featuring rare sand dunes, wetlands, natural salt lakes, and astonishing flora and fauna. You can visit and explore all of them on foot!

Just take a walk or a bike ride and observe flowers, rabbits, flamingos and other birds, all of which are protected under the Natura 2000 program. Please be discrete when observing, make sure to take photos, and please, leave behind only your footsteps.

Surf camp Keros also provides easy access to numerous archeological sites, beaches and sightseeing of the Eastern part of Limnos .Just within a 15min drive you can visit the cave of Philoctetes, the ancient theater of Hephaistia , the sanctuary of Kaviria , or the prehistoric settlement Poliochni.

More about the ecosystem

In recent years, scientists of the environmental organization WWF HELLAS (Worldwide Fund for Nature) were surprised registering in Lemnos not only the largest in extent wetlands of Mediterranean, but also the best-preserved.

The most important wetlands on the island are actually very close to Surf Club Keros! Make sure you take some time and visit these natural wonders.

These wetlands are the cluster of lakes of Alyki, Chortarolimni and Asprolimni, which cover an area of 14,000,000m2 approximately and is incorporated in the network NATURA 2000.

The area of these three lakes constitutes an ideal environment for a great number of plants and animal, many times indigenous and rare. Nowadays, it seems to be hard to find such a good combination of salt meadows and sand dunes, without the devastation caused by human activity. Too many migratory birds come in the area for wintering, while there have been recorded till 4,000.

Endangered Species