All the info below applies when there is North/North-East wind, which is the predominant on Limnos. Allthough, due to it’s geography and location, Keros beach can handle wind from almost any direction.


(April-beginning of June)

In spring you can get pretty much anything as the weather is quite random.

From North East winds, to South winds, to flat days, days with sun, days with rain, but this means that there is usually wind around.

South wind is also perfect for Keros bay, providing steady moderate winds, with some more waves in front of the school.

Pros: Empty beach, chilled vibes, peace and quiet, great nature, more waves.

Cons: Possibility of rain, possibility of no wind days.


(June-beginning of September)

This is the season of the famous meltemi winds, blowing from N-NE directions at average force (usually 4-6bf).

The wind starts early in the morning and slowly dies out after 15:00 in the afternoon, going a bit offshore and making the water more glassy, perfect for beginner windsurfing lessons, SUP sessions, and other activities.

The meltemi wind normaly goes in cycles, so you get 3-4 days of wind per week, but you can get really lucky and score 7/7, or be unlucky and not get 1-2 days out of the whole week.

Pros: Nice weather, almost no possibility of rain, reliable meltemi winds.

Cons: It is busy but there is still space for everyone. Posiblility of equipment and lessons to be fully booked unless you pre-book.


(September- November)

Fall is usually a nice and mellow time on Limnos.

The high season is over, and everyone is enjoying the weather and the wind.

Like spring, you can get any kind of weather, but the sure thing is that you will get peace and quiet, and probably the whole bay to your self.



The day gets smaller and the weather conditions get stronger (wind, waves, rain).

Equip yourself with a winter wetsuit (and booties/gloves/hood) and get ready for some serious action.

This is the best time (along with Spring and Fall) to ride the monster waves of Gomati, or simply try your smallest gear at Keros beach.

Pros: Super windy, uncrowded.

Cons: Cold (0-13C), maybe rain, also our station is not open .