8-17 June 2018


Kitesurf Windsurf Holiday Adventure

Over 50 years young? No problem, Richard says go for it!

Join our 10-day holiday in Limnos, Greece and fly high in no time.

What's it all about.

This is a 10-day adventure holiday in Limnos, Greece designed for veteran guys and ladies, the likes of 50, 60, or even 70+, which are cool enough to take on some of the most fascinating sports ever: kitesurfing and windsurfing; time to show your kids who's the boss!

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Anyone can learn, everyone gets hooked! If you can walk, sit and stand up, you're good to go.

The trip is filled with several other in-and-out of water activities to top it all up, from catamaran fishing, to SUP downwind trips, local ouzo distillery tastings, beach barbecues, you name it.

The experiences are all designed to fit the participants' level of athleticism and tastes, and let us assure you, you don't need to be any kind of super fit to engage in any of them. If you can walk, sit and stand up, you're good to go!

Keros Bay, Limnos, Greece.

Shallow water, sandy bottom, super safe bay and amazing colours. A true kitesurfing windsurfing playground. The perfect setup to get you going in no time.

Kitesurfing is the fastest growing sport in history for a reason: it is absolutely amazing, and much less physical demanding than it looks like. Keros Bay is one of the easiest, safest, and most beautiful places in the world to learn how to kite. That's why it's one the fastest growing spots in Europe!

Ready to start a whole new chapter in your life?

"I don't know if I'm athletic or young enough to learn kitesurf..."

This is what we hear most often... Well, if you can go from a sitting position to a standing position you can definitely kitesurf! We've got students well past 70 years young. What most people don’t know is that the force, with which the kite is pulling you, is carried by your harness – which means it doesn’t require any strength at all. Plus, technique is playing a big part in kitesurfing, which you will learn step by step in your kitesurf lessons. It's one of the fastest sports you can learn and requires the least strength in comparison to other ones. Only one problem...it's ADDICTIVE!

If you think windsurfing or kitesurfing is just for younglings and you haven't took on it yet, this might be the perfect trip for you. 10 full days in an unspoiled, greek paradise island, with pool-like conditions, turquoise water and amazing landscapes.

Surf Club Keros team

Takes place at Surf Club Keros, Limnos Island, Greece.

A variety of “in and out of water” activities are available for all individuals no matter your athletic level , such as: kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUPs, sea kayaks, catamaran fishing expedition, plus local ouzo distillery tastings, beach barbecues and more.

The Package

Here's the plan and what it includes.

10 nights  accommodation (includes local transfers), 10 breakfasts, 8 dinners (includes transfers to the local taverns 2 days), daily kitesurf and/or windsurf lessons, excursions, side activities, 3 massages, daily yoga.

"Over 50 KitesurfingWindsurfing Adventure Holiday"

10 Night Package
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    10 days and 10 nights of ultimate water sports nirvana, on an unspoiled, naturally magnificent and pure greek island, in one of the fastest growing kite spots in Europe, with top instructors and super fun curriculum, specifically designed for guys that want the essence without the hassle. Quite possibly one of the best opportunities to take on a whole new sport fast and inject that extra bit of adrenalin in your life, all while having an epic, relaxing holiday.

    Super safe, easy and fun.

    Keros bay is the perfect place to learn how to kite or windsurf. It is a super safe sandy, shallow and calm bay with moderate winds and amazing water colours. We keep safety as our top priority. We have been an IKO affiliated center (International Kiteboarding Organisation) for the last 10 years, which means that we only work with top certified instructors, with successful and safe teaching methodology and with the best equipment on the market.

    Whatever your level we got you covered.

    Our lessons are either private or in groups of 2. All students are provided with the latest gear, wetsuits, harness, life jackets and helmets. We carefully choose experienced and motivated instructors from all around the world, and we can offer lessons in Greek, English, German, French, Bulgarian, Polish, Spanish and more.

    Any level, any age.

    Windsurf and kitesurf are among the most exciting sports around. Believe us when we say we can get you going in a few days. Or like Richard Branson said: "I think people exaggerate about how difficult it is; you can learn to do it in five hours.”

    Luxury catamaran fishing day trip.

    We have filled this 10 day experience with some super awesome activities, one of which is a fishing expedition around Limnos island. Hop on, it's an adventure.

    Keros Beach, Limnos, Greece

    Surf Club Keros is located in one of the most amazing spots Europe has to offer. With turquoise water, safe sandy beach and constant meltemi wind, it virtually sets up your holiday to be as much fun as it will be positive on your progression.

    Surf Club Keros
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    World's biggest pool? No, just KEROS!.

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    "One of the best places you can possibly imagine to learn how to kite".

    Editorial Kitesurf Magazine

    Accommodation: Luxury Safari Tents

    Forget typical hotel rooms. This is the most unique way to experience nature, without compromising your comfort.

    Located on the hillside above Keros bay, Surf Club Keros "Lodge & Spa" provides the excellent setup for a perfect holiday. The adventurous traveller's deluxe accommodation.

    Enjoy all the amenities of a luxury resort, right in nature's heart.

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