Keros beach is a windsurfing paradise, whether you are a complete beginner or an independent windsurfer.

No matter your level, you can count on Surf Club Keros to provide you with the best and most appropriate equipment and tuition to suit your needs and level.

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Windsurfing Lessons

Windsurfing is fun. We love the sport and we take pride in teaching. We have instructors that will teach you safely and efficiently whether you are a complete beginner or an intermediate.

One-on-One Lessons

Our lessons are one-on-one. We teach groups of 2 on request. We don't believe in big group lessons. Every person is unique, with a unique learning curve and we are dedicated in providing the most value out of every individual that chooses to learn windsurfing with us.

Wide Age Range

Everyone can have fun windsurfing, be it a 65 or 7 year old! We have courses for all levels and equipment for all ages. We can teach kids from 6-7 years of age, comfortably windsurfing with the appropriate equipment.

We have courses for all levels and equipment for all ages

Also, we never let our students alone in the water. We hate it when we see people teaching from the beach. We spend the whole time with our students, making sure they get assistance and tips when needed. Below you will find our windsurfing courses, and choose which one suits you!

Windsurf Lessons & Pricelist

We Have 3 Spots In One

Beginner, intermediate or advanced we got you covered with 3 different spots on the same beach!

  • Super Flat

    Enjoy the super flat section on the North side of the bay, which is super flat, shallow, and has amazing turquoise colors!

  • Bump & Jump

    Go blasting in the easy bump n jump section in the middle of the bay, with vertical small chop, perfect for your first jumps, and your first freestyle moves!

  • Waves

    Play with some waves at the South side of the bay where our mini-wave spot is! It is shallow, sandy and safe, perfect for entry level- wave riders!

Windsurfing Equipment Rentals

Brand new 2017 Neil Pryde sails and JP boards will be waiting for you on the beach, available for you to choose from!

Our masts are modern RDM high carbon content masts. Enjoy the best equipment you have ever used in a windsurfing school. Please find our pricelist and equipment list below, and book your favorite board, making sure you have the equipment you want during your stay!

Try them, test them, have a blast, have fun. That’s what new equipment is all about.

Windsurf Rentals Pricelist
2017 Rental boards list